Artificial Intelligence (AI) Algorithms

Get to know the four rules of our system structure

Artificial Intelligence &

Computer Vision

To dwie wiodące technologie bez których nasz system nie byłby tym czym jest. Nie kamery, nie komputery, ale sztuczna inteligencja oraz system inteligentnej analizy obrazu tworzą trzon SafeWay FX2.

Get to know our four intelligent algorithms

as a part of the SafeWay FX2 system

Driver Assist is an algorithm designed to support the work of the driver as well as monitor and report undesirable behavior.

Safety helps to prevent either serious attacks and minor thefts. It protects both the driver and the entire vehicle with the load.

Safety aims not only to satisfy required regulations, but also takes care of both the driver and transport, as well as other road users.

Optimization of processes through ongoing and thorough analysis aims at the maximum use of resources at minimal costs.