Blind Spot Monitoring (DVS)

SafeWay FX2 helps to eliminate the problem of blind spot

Dead Field or

Limited Visibility

Blind spots are a notorious problem, especially for drivers of large trucks and vehicles. Front and rear visibility in such a transportation is usually good, but usually only 2-3 meters is often visible in front of the hood of the vehicle. Fortunately, SafeWay FX has a solution for this!

Every Sixth Accident Ends


Statistically, the largest number of accidents resulting from these blind spot areas are those involving trucks and cyclists. Unfortunately, every sixth accident of this kind ends tragically for the cyclist.

Such situations place truck drivers in an unfavorable light and at the same time in a difficult situation.

Dynamic Vision Sensor or Simply


As a result, truck drivers experience a lot of stress, frustration and reluctance to work. Drivers sometimes quit their jobs, especially with an employer who does not invest in notification or safety systems.

Fortunately, there is SafeWay FX2 – a system that will bring you peace and relief at an affordable price. Its Driving Dynamic Sensor (DVS) does not require your attention – it is analyzed on an ongoing basis and only prompts an alert in the case of potential threats to the driver.

Investing in Security


The costs of an accident caused by a commercial transport driver truck may be as high as several hundred thousand. An investment in SafeWay FX2 can therefore be compared to buying insurance. However, with the purchase, you get a lot more here than just insurance. SafeWay has a whole range of modern functions that will be useful not only in the event of a potential accident, but also in everyday tasks.