Public Transport

Safe and Efficient Public Transport is an important element of Smart City

Exceptions and pandemics

All modern cities focus on ecology, efficient communication for residents and modern technologies. Computer Vision solutions are key to these challenges. As the situation with COVID19 has shown, in order to ensure the safety of people using public transport, it was necessary to introduce a number of restrictions and solutions preventing the infection in the carriage.

With SafewayFX2, verifying that passengers are complying with the recommendations is very simple. The image from special FX Eye cameras is transmitted to the central unit, where artificial intelligence is able to quickly check whether passengers are complying with the recommendations. Relevant alerts can be sent directly to the vehicle’s driver via the FX Console or to the traffic dispatcher. The system also allows you to blur the faces of passengers so that they remain anonymous and it is in line with the provisions on the protection of personal data.

Detecting cases of violence and vandalism

Public transport is available to everyone, unfortunately, it does not always guarantee a pleasant journey, especially during mass events and night trips, there may be acts of violence or cases of devastation of the means of transport. The IVAST SafewayFX2 intelligent monitoring system developed by Sternkraft includes a special AI package containing algorithms that can recognize such situations in the camera image. If a threat is detected, the system can immediately inform the driver, traffic dispatcher, law enforcement or the police. It also enables integration with current public transport management systems through a specially prepared API.

Sudden accidents and random situations – help save lives

Thanks to AI, i.e. artificial intelligence solutions and the intelligent IVAST system using cameras, it is possible to immediately detect cases of fainting passengers and unexpected falls or collisions. In such situations, the system can immediately notify the appropriate emergency services, notify the driver, send GPS coordinates or connect to the emergency center. It is possible to integrate the system with the rescue platform via API.

Rush hour traffic control

It has never been easier to adjust the frequency of buses and trams, the SafewayFx2 system shows the number of passengers and can automatically send notifications when the vehicle is full.

FX Eye cameras are able to transmit the image from the bus or tram car and specially created algorithms count and recognize how many people are currently on board and whether the carriage is overloaded. Machine learning also allows for the continuous expansion of the case base and the continuous improvement of forecasts for route planning and communication. SafewayFX2 can send recommendations for changes in the connection schedule taking into account travel time, congestion and road conditions.

Innovations at the service of people!