Cargo Space Monitoring

SafeWay FX2 is one of the few products available on the market that offers a preview of the cargo space.

Monitoring przestrzeni ładunkowej SafewayFX2


Under Control

Time pressure, stress related to loading and unloading goods, attention to transport documents and – above all – protection and safe delivery of goods – these are the common worries of every stakeholder in the transport industry.

To safely load, transport and deliver the cargo to a specific place 24/7, 365 days of the year is the goal and the effects of damaged or stolen goods are often huge financial losses, both for customers and contractors. This does not even account for the stress, nerves and time devoted to explaining what can often be extremely complicated situations.

Can this be avoided? It turns out that it can! By utilizing the power of Cargo space monitoring and the advanced technology that underpins it – the transported goods will remain completely safe.

How Does It


What are the components of load control in SafeWay FX2?

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Thanks to the latest technological solutions, you can rest easy. Artificial intelligence oversees various aspects of loading space monitoring: