Driver Assist

SafeWay FX2 DVS Defender is an indispensable assistant that, apart from meeting the current regulations of blind spot monitoring (DVS), is also prepared for the planned changes in the legislation of other countries of the old continent.

The Module


The Driver Assist module is one of the four elements (ideas) of our SafeWay FX2 product that makes it unique.

Contrary to appearances, the Driver module is not a strict driver control, it is a system aimed at optimizing the relationship between the driver – vehicle – logist – company owner.


Find out what elements the Driver Assistant Module consists of and what its advantages are.

Insurance Company

"You were driving over speed limit" - such a statement paralyzes every driver. What if our Driver Assistant stood behind him and spoke them in the present tense?

Logistics Company

Cargo transport, especially international, is a great responsibility for property and other road users. Irrational behavior must be caught immediately.

Transport Company

The DVS system within SafeWay FX2 allows the driver to overcome the toughest obstacles. No "blind spot" visibility is no problem for SafeWay FX2.

Shipping Company

The Driver Assistant uses audible and visual signals to provide guidance on limits and recommendations, as well as driving style and fuel consumption.


Nothing happens in our company without the latest technologies. Smart Driving and Eco Driving sensors work thanks to the CAN bus plugged into the tractor’s system. Thus, we have access to a source of valuable information that, after applying complex algorithms, generate the desired output information, such as information about harsh braking, smooth driving or fuel consumption control.

Our principle:

To help
not to harm.

In line with this principle, the Driver Assistant was created as one of the four modules of the advanced SafeWay FX2 system. Maximum discretion with minimum interference. Sternkraft engineers were guided in their work not only by technical reasons, but also implemented the instructions of both the owners of transport companies and the drivers themselves on an ongoing basis.

The Driver Assistant as part of the SafeWay FX2 system is not just another virtual assistant that becomes annoying after a long time and is thus manually disconnected by the driver himself. This is an intelligent solution dedicated to the owners of transport companies, which, through the generated clear analyzes, will allow them to create an incentive or bonus system for drivers and, in the long term, will show real savings in the form of lower fuel and parts consumption and lower losses in goods.

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Cargo protection is an equally important topic, contrary to appearances, not only for the carrier or driver, but basically for all participants in cargo transport. Thanks to the solution called the Shared Platform (AI FX2 Platform) offered with SafeWay FX2, the owner of the transport has the opportunity not only to analyze a specific transport for his own needs. Thanks to the intuitive application with a friendly interface, it also has the ability to track this information on an ongoing basis by a shipping company, insurance company, distributor, recipient or even a driver.

Driver Protection is also