The last mile vans

SafeWay FX2 offers complex solutions also for Last Mile transport / van cars

What is SafewayFX2

This is a special version of the IVAST intelligent monitoring system dedicated for use in vans. It allows you to control the entire delivery process from the very beginning to the end. The system operation is divided into 4 modules:

SECURITY – protection of the warehouse against external interference and attacks,

SAFETY – vehicle safety, technical condition and compliance with standards,

DRIVER – a toolkit supporting the driver while driving,

OPTIMIZATION – a toolkit for effective fleet management

Monitor the driving style of the driver

A lot of damage to the goods at the last stage of delivery is caused by improper securing of the cargo and the reckless driving of drivers who often break the rules and drive aggressively. SafewayFX Last Mile allows you to use gamification and reward drivers who drive economically and take care of the vehicle. FX Eye cameras allow you to view the cargo area and the driver’s behavior in the cab in real time. IVAST – an intelligent video monitoring system using machine learning, immediately informs the fleet manager about deviations from the established rules and unexpected behavior of the cargo.

Check out more OPTIMIZATION module functions.

Take care of ecology and save money

Choosing the right route, smooth driving and avoiding congested places not only results in efficient delivery of goods, but also reduces fuel and vehicle consumption. The SafewayFX2 system has all the basic functions and sensors, such as GPS, data download directly from the car, or traffic hints. In addition, it also monitors the driver’s behavior on the road, his focus and suggests the most optimal solutions.

Check out more OPTIMIZATION module functions.

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