Safety – it is often talked about and is often neglected. Fortunately, there is SafeWay FX2 that looks and sees even where the human eye cannot reach.

How Important is


Many road users look unfavorably at heavy vehicle combinations that carry out road transport as such and pose the greatest risk to the road. For these road users, a lot of regulations and restrictions are also created to increase road safety. For a carrier that carries out road transport in many countries, adapting to all national regulations is a difficult task. This is where SafeWay FX2 comes in handy.


Find out what elements the Driver Assistant Module consists of and what its advantages are.


Thanks to the developed system of warnings and prompts, the Smart Drive function will make the driver move smoothly and safely on the territory of a foreign country.


Sometimes certain precautions are required from the driver, such as checking tires, wearing a reflective vest or wearing a helmet on the premises of the shipper or unloader. With SafeWay, it's over your head.


The 24/7 monitoring system around the set of vehicles as well as in the loading area and in the driver's cabin (optional) will allow both the driver and the owner of the fleet to sleep well.


Gentle reminders and warnings sent by SafeWay FX2 depending on the situation or country of stay will allow the driver to drive calmly and stress-free.


Safe driving and smooth transport of goods are ensured by a monitoring system analyzed by the algorithms of Computer Vision technology. You receive the effects of these actions directly in your application, which you can make available to the shipper, insurance company or anyone else if you wish.

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