SafeWay FX2 is one of the very first telematics systems that monitors trailers as well

50% of transports do not arrive complete due to losses and theft

The SafewayFX2 intelligent unit can recognize unauthorized persons approaching the tractor or trailer.

Special algorithms process the image from the FX Eye cameras and identify the person and his intentions. The system can automatically trigger the FX Siren alarm and scare the attacker, send a notification to the driver and the logistics provider.

The driver can observe the course of events safely from the cab on the FX Console screen and use the panic button if necessary. In the case of particularly valuable transports, it is possible to start the FX SmokeScreens manual or automatic fogging machine. An intelligent system that uses machine learning, by the type of behavior, is able to distinguish an ordinary passing person from an unauthorized attacker. Unauthorized opening of the door or cut tarpaulin are immediately caught and reported to the central unit of the system, an immediate alarm informs the driver and people responsible for controlling the course of transport.

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On-time delivery is not everything, it is important that the cargo is undamaged

Do not worry about whether the load has been properly placed on the trailer, whether the temperature in the load space is appropriate, or whether the loads sensitive to smells or light have been properly secured, all you need to do is define the appropriate parameters and our system will provide all of the appropriate information.

FX Eye & FX Meter will provide information on the temperature, method of loading, as well as the quality of product packaging. 30% of damage to cargo during transport is due to improper loading and securing, eliminate this risk and deliver products on time and of high quality. Monitor the loading process. In the event of an unauthorized movement of the cargo, the system will send an urgent alert to the driver and the logistics provider.

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Monitoring przestrzeni ładunkowej SafewayFX2

SafewayFX2 cargo space monitoring – Use the full cargo space

Simple cargo space management systems based on the cargo compartment rules suggest how many product units will fit onto a trailer, but only SafewayFX2 allows you to verify that the cargo has been properly placed in the cargo space, secured in accordance with the standards and loaded in a timely manner. The system will allow you to view the loading in real time, it can also catch irregularities and alert the logistic team about a suspicious deviation from the norm. This is possible thanks to the use of AI artificial intelligence and the ML Machine Learning approach.

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Limited access to cargo space, keep it under control

Sensitive or dangerous loads must meet many important standards, similarly, when loading them, people should work in appropriate clothing, exercise particular care and secure the load in accordance with legal guidelines and regulations. SafewayFX2 allows you to control the loading process from start to finish, automatically detects the start of the loading process, and can classify whether people in the cargo area comply with the regulations. FX Eye cameras transmit the image to the IVAST system, where special algorithms and the latest technologies allow for identification of deviations from the guidelines or catch disturbing abuses.

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