Shared Platform For
Transport Companies

Develop your relationships with cooperators through the SafeWay FX2 platform

Get Employee Trust


Let’s imagine a situation when the transported goods are damaged. The driver assures that it is not because of him. There is then an unpleasant situation when the driver has to be charged with the costs and there is basically no evidence for it. Now it is enough for your driver to have access to the Shared Platform, which records and analyzes images of every step of the journey including the loading area, transit and when the driver is stationary.



Sharp braking, lack of care during loading and unloading or unauthorized third parties in the loading space is no longer a problem. SafeWay FX2 will inform you of any of the above-mentioned cases.



A company in which there are no false accusations and stressful situations becomes a reputable company that evokes positive emotions. These values are more and more often raised by the difficult and demanding labor market in recent times. Employees that have access to a large range of opportunities when looking for a job will choose an employer that provides favorable, stress-free working conditions.