SafeWay FX2 is a unique IVAST Intelligent Monitoring System based on Computer Vision and the latest technology.

Ensure your fleet meets the DVS – Direct Vision Standard regulations.

Ensure your fleet meets the DVS – Direct Vision Standard regulations

Good visibility from the cab, driver assistance systems that avoid collisions with pedestrians and objects are now essential for the safety of people and transport. European countries are tightening the rules for the entry of trucks into cities, with the United Kingdom leading the way. Thanks to the intelligent FX Eye cameras and the intelligent SafewayFX2 unit, your vehicle will meet the required standards. Provide the driver with a comfortable ride and warn him in advance of an obstacle and help avoid a collision.

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Eliminate fuel theft and avoid hidden costs
The theft of fuel from the tractor tank is the most common type of incident reported by transport companies, it causes not only fuel loss, but even worse, the vehicle is immobilized for a long time, the need to call the police, road assistance, which leads to delays in the entire supply chain, and in the case of sensitive products risk of damage to the cargo. The FX Eye camera monitors this area and detects any unauthorized tampering with the tank. It can automatically trigger the FX Siren alarm, notify the driver and the fleet manager. The image is transmitted to the FX Console, which allows the driver to observe the situation with the thief in a non-contact manner and to use anti-seizure measures.

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A well-rested driver is 90% of the success of the delivery
Long routes bring fatigue, so the driver’s rest time and a quiet break are extremely important. Unfortunately, this is what criminals and thieves all over the world are waiting for, trying to intercept the cargo or the entire shipment. This keeps the driver alert and unable to fully rest. With SafewayFX2 it is finally possible, the central unit of the IVAST system, thanks to AI – artificial intelligence, is able to recognize the attacker, but also trigger the FX Siren alarm, notify the driver about the intruder and start the transmission on the FX Console, or pass this information to the fleet manager in company.

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Connect the track to your TMS system and save time
Almost $25 million a year is the cost of circulation and storage of paper transport documentation, it is not uncommon that important documents are lost. Thanks to the FX Console and the OPTIMIZATION module, you can now have the required documents and confirmations directly in your system. With FX Eye cameras, you can have real-time control of the entire transport process. Thanks to computer vision and machine learning, you can be sure that the activities related to the maintenance and technical control of the vehicle are carried out reliably and according to the schedule.

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